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When you do this, you’ll send her a subtle (yet effective) message telling her, “I like you, but you don’t mean everything to me.” Not only this, but women in general are attracted to men with a lot of friends.

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You’re that typical “nice guy.” You’re bending over backwards to please her.

As nice as this seems, it doesn’t create sexual attraction. By trying hard to please this girl, you’re essentially putting her up on a hypothetical pedestal, and while she might enjoy this sort of dynamic, she can’t see you as an equal from up there. You always have this burning desire to text her, Facebook her, e-mail her, etc. At times, it might even make her think you’re “creepy.” Look, I know I might sound like a huge #[email protected]!

So, change the role you're playing and you will be climbing out of the friend zone hole in no time! Confess your Feelings There are many ways to begin the Confession. You don't want to come out of the blue with, "Yeah, that sucks that you dropped your cell phone in the toilet. If you are drunk, on the phone, or sitting in front of computer screens, don't even think about it.

Basically, all that needs to come out of the conversation is for you to tell your friend how you feel about them and to get a response letting you know how they feel about you. A good confession is in person, in a quiet, private place, while you and your friend are in clear and sober states of mind. Separate from Your Friend We know what you're thinking. You want to scream and cry and kick your legs and say, "No! " Well, crack addicts hate to stop doing crack, too.

But first, before we do anything else, you need to ask yourself one very important question: Are you willing to risk it?

You've got to look at yourself from your friend's perspective and try to figure out what role you are playing in their life.Don’t make this sound weird, just tell her about your plans casually and let her know that you’ll hang out at some point in the near future. Don’t be afraid to get a little touchy-feely with her.Then, sit back and watch this make her really jealous. This is how you seduce a girl, and it will sure as hell work.This isn’t hogwash I’m feeding you, this is science. Tell her about you having sex with some hot chick in the past.Tell her all the details (but make sure you have a reason to tell her about all of this stuff, otherwise she’ll be creeped out).Yes, the distance between her seeing you as “just a friend” and a guy she wants to have sex with is divided by a very fine line.


  1. Right now, you’re only a small part of each other’s lives, so don’t give yourself more importance than you deserve.

  2. As well as displaying exactly how many of these message types have been exchanged, the screen also shows you how much space each type of message is using up.

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