Greek dating customs dating dumb girls

In Greece men and women know how to enjoy themselves, go anywhere in Greece ,especially in the summertime ,and you will see many local festivals happening with everybody joining in.

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The things you fall in love with become the things that, in excess, drive you crazy.

Namely, these things in my own particular Greek man are:1. When things are good, the drama and enthusiasm he displays are infectious and enjoyable.

Most Greek parents build a house for each daughter, but not for their sons (as they are supposed to marry a girl who will get a house from her parents).

Often it is also the daughter that inherits her parents' or grandparents' house when they die.

Not being able to pay, would be humiliating beyond belief.

Getting a house loan Unfinished buildings is a common sight in Greece.

When we are with her, if I am not picking up after him, tolerating his lack of consideration and generally making myself his dog's body then I am not being a good wife for him.

Consequently, Greek men grow up to believe that a woman's place is to cook, clean and take care of the children.

The white trees The fact that the trunks of the trees are often painted white (limewash) in Crete and Greece is primarily to fight the ants. The rosary or worry beads The rosary that most of the Greek men are holding in their hands, sitting outside the kafeneion (cafe in Greece), has no religious meaning, but is only a way of killing time.

Try and buy one, it's actually much more difficult to swing it than it looks like.

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