Dating sucks ky

Click here for 21 more awesome photo tips that will get you more dates.

The number of photos you can upload to your profile varies from site to site. Creating a huge album is a huge mistake – it’s basically 26 chances to get it wrong.

The photo on the right signals you’ve got the funds to travel, you clean up nice, and you’ll take her to some interesting places. You can also use a website like Photo Feeler to gather some data on think about your pics.

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Your profile should be 70% about you, and 30% about the type of woman you’re seeking.

Studies have shown this ratio is the most attractive to women.

Here’s an easy formula to follow for the “About me” section of any online dating site: Paragraph 1: Hook her attention and make her want to keep reading.

You can tell a travel story or describe a vivid memory, anything that will elicit an emotional reaction or engage her imagination.

And no, you can’t skip the photos altogether in hopes of igniting her curiosity with an amazing profile.

Some guys are still making this basic mistake, and it's sabotaging their results.

This is the art of signalling – and if you can master it, you’re halfway to a date already. Not the best way to spend a Friday night…Once you’ve compiled your strongest photos, have your female friends rate them.

For example, consider what these two pictures are telling her about your lifestyle: Which guy do you think she’d rather date? Post the photos they like the best, with the most popular one as your primary photo.

And the ones who do respond aren’t the caliber of matches you really want to meet. She’s noticing tiny details in every photo, like your expression, your posture, even your clothing and what’s in the background – and she’s judging you on all of it.


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