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There are some scenes that I think contain mysteries, in fact this drama is very likely to continue into sessions 2, 3 and so on. Usually catch things like sounds/actions/etc that I missed the first time around. as a human being with whatever IQ level i have in mind, i should know the different between human and robot. another Daebak series the actor and actress fit there role very well the only thing that they didn't gave enough significance was who is Madam X and whats her connection to Kim Min-Kyu and why the Martin guy suddenly disappeared when the polices raided the hotel. Now the big question is, where can I order myself a robot version of YSH?? I laughed and cried a lot with so many mixed emotions.

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her reaction, gesture and movement was fast in certain situation and often seen blink of eyes several time. rather being angry and sort of thing to be disappointed, i decided to play along with their lie until they telling the truth. mostly because chae soo-bin looks adorable in that pink dress. but, the only thing that i don't want is human contact allergy. overall, i really enjoy seeing these drama and of course it get happy ending. Have watched certain episodes again and again coz I like their facial expressions. Also I was hoping the goons who help Aji3 was given a chance to be part of Santa Maria Team since they were not really bad guys. This the kind of drama I like, no violence, just love love giggle with Aji 3 & Min-Kyu so cute when pouting. Again, I am here to say that I have high praises for this drama! There will be a 2nd season because Madame X was not revealed. The kiss scene in episode 30 is so out of this world, so cute and sweet.

The mind blowing part was finding out the real name of Ssanip was Kim Min-Kyu. I love the ending too though a bit lacking, waiting for a wedding proposal ??? It was consistent until the last episode and there was closure for all the characters. They kissed with passion and it was reciprocal on both sides,unlike oda dramas where the male lead is d only one doing the kissing and the female lead just stands still and stare at him. Will miss dis after today "I Am not a Robot" team especially to the main leads Kim Min Kyu & Jo Ji A thank you for making me wake up and wait until am in the morning for ur episode ...

He made Yoo Cheol present papers to Min Kyu as if they were adoption papers so that Yoo Chul and Min Kyu can live together as brothers.

However, Min Kyu realized the scheme after overhearing father and son talking about their plan and he did not sign the papers.

So it does not make any sense for the low ratings given for this drama locally. Oh my god , I don't know what's wrong with me hhh, today I was waiting for new episodes and I came here and I just realized that the one I watched last week was the last one.

It was so amazing that I couldn't believe it ended.

The perfect chemistry between the leads is the biggest reason why this drama is so popular internationally.

I really wish we could have seen more of this show, it wasn't a failure, it was funny and I really liked it. Remember how he had those meaningful conversations with Mr.

The driver of this drama is about who gains ownership of KM Financial.

15 years later, Hwang Yoo Chul's dad still wants to take away the ownership of KM Financial company from Min Kyu.

Her ex-boyfriend is a world renown developer of android robots. It's a real shame that they finished it so early :( Although I'm no stranger to Korean entertainment; and It might just be me, or just because this is the first K-drama I'm actually watching.


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