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According to a 2013 report on the Al Monitor site by former Jerusalem Post reporter Ben Hartman, in the Israeli underworld it has become “trendy” to seek refuge in Morocco.

Suissa moved to Israel when he was seven and lived a typical life, serving in the IDF and working as a building contractor.

Yet he says he always felt a deep sense of being Moroccan.“In the army, they would call me crazy because I always carried a Moroccan flag.”At 27, Yaakov Ifrach is an exception to the generally advanced age of the congregation.

While not a major movement, Suissa’s move characterizes a number of Israelis who have left the Jewish state in favor of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Some return to reconnect with their heritage, others seek economic benefits, and in some cases, Israelis use Morocco as a safe haven to fleecriminal investigations.

On Sunday, reported that members of the garda special detective unit are carrying out a number of surveillance operations on over 20 people they believe to be a potential threat to Ireland.

Most of those under investigation live on the south side of Dublin and in the capital’s inner city areas.Ifrach moved to Morocco from Israel around a year ago and has undertaken a number of projects, including renovating a section of Lazama and establishing a museum next to the synagogue.According to Suissa, Ifrach moved to Morocco because of his connection to his Moroccan- Jewish heritage and a passion for local music.For some returnees, Morocco, which has a significantly lower cost of living, offers the ability to live in relative luxury and pursue business ventures.After leaving a bankrupt business in Israel, Suissa has found a niche as a middleman for Moroccan exports to Israel.In other cases, Moroccan-Israelis return to flee criminal investigations.

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