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At first, I assumed he approved of the thread, but then I realized that I was eating a tuna fish sandwich.Munchies 1: 345089(Important: Kelly and Chompy are no longer to be discussed in munchie central.)Kelly has also been deleting and undeleting her social media so that she can claim she was hacked, and ordering syringes from Amazon and claiming a farmer sent them to her anonymously. Because of her obsession with blood, some users have theorized that Kelly is a vampire with a poor memory.

I'm curious as to which posts were hers and the shit she's written, maybe not even necessarily in the Munchie thread alone if she's posted elsewhere..

I'm a new follower of Kelly and her bullshit so maybe this has been covered before but why can't she type? I say post the spammer and be done with her/him/probably Kelly.

Others believe that she is suffering from munchausen syndrome, and/or a personality disorder, and is purposely exaggerating or inducing her symptoms in order to obtain attention and nurturing from medical professionals, her friends and family, and her church. What a good nice kitty he is.359452Sweet Joysus, Kelly is going to be over the moon that senpai noticed her to the extent of a whole thread!

Maybe she'll come around to answering some questoins about her stays in the mental hospital.359463Why the guck are you typing with an Irish accent? The typing style, old lady memes and absurd edginess remind me a lot of a particular spoonie instagrammer, but I'm not going to accuse them just yet.359524Idk I've spoken with a lot of Brits and they only seem to say it that much on trash tv series like skins or that one about gross high school virgin boys.

Giving it 9 hours before this thread gets some sperging white knight posting every meme that appears when you image search munchausens or bullies. It's a meme for Aussies but we don't really use it that often either.

Kelly will be thrilled she gets to keep pretending she's gonna have the site shut down359472Just one with a VPN. Given the tone of the white knights comments I think they were just trying to come across as edgy and tough and just as mean as they think farmers are when discussing a cow.

she always has a million typos in her posts, to the point that sometimes it looks like pure gibberish.359476Long time lurker, first time poster. I want to claw my eyes out after reading all those threads. Checked some research…I knew I'd read about cases like this.

Kelly's luxury, if she is in fact exsanguinating, is having venous access via her port, negating the need for autovenipuncture. Now please stop discussing it because you're starting to sound a bit like a cunt.359757Calm down, it was like four comments between three people.

Come on, tell us why you devote time to defending a sociopath you don't even claim to know.359820You think I don't know Kelly? Doctors don't just give you bags of blood for the fun of it or to 'shut someone up'They do it because it necessary and needed for her health.

But I'll ask you some questions seeing as you have Kelly's medical records in front of you and you're clearly her doctor and you've examined her and stuff…Have you read her medical file? Are you qualified and trained in that medical field? I am, however, a doctor who happens to know Kelly very well. There is a very limited number of etiologies or anemia. In that case, you will have an easy time telling me where the blood and iron are going.

Interesting.359534FFS can we stop with the spergfest about what country is the most cunthappy in their vernacular? Kelly has been pretty quiet and stayed far more private than usual since she didn't get the internet Stasi to shut down lolcow and her friends got sick of her constant vague updates on how she was prolonging the drama.


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