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However, it would be nice if, when we do go shopping, you all came with me to my stores too, even though it’s a little bit embarrassing. If you’re below a size 12, you’re not fat, and I want you to shut up now. I thought I was looking good today, but if you say you look fat, you at 100 pounds soaking wet, I, at least twice your weight depending on the minute, must look like a blob fish.

But the real reason why this bothers me, and every single fat girl will agree with this, if you say you’re fat, what am I? Please stop saying this; nothing hurts more than our friends insulting themselves and, by extension, insulting us.

The cover photo of this article is me and my best friend the week before I left for college. So taking walks when the sun is beating down means I will start sweating.

Why do you think Aidy Bryant and Leslie Jones are the best women on SNL? I get in a cold sweat any time someone asks me my t-shirt size in a group chat. You’ll get a lot of looks when you go out, especially if you’re going out to eat.

This mostly happens with my sorority, and it’s humiliating to be the only person above size medium. You need to make sure your outfit doesn’t show too much skin, but also that it doesn’t cover up too much or you’ll be sweltering. I know that what other people order has nothing to do with me, but like I said earlier, if everyone else is getting salad, I’m going to get it too so I don’t feel even worse.

I can’t talk about boys because I either didn’t go out last night or didn’t find anyone who I experienced a mutual attraction with. ” “You know I love you but have you tried just not eating as much? And then if you say, “Well I’m fat,” they’ll immediately respond with, “No you’re so pretty! The amount of times I've heard, "Wow, you're actually really pretty! You may be fat, but you're also amazing, beautiful, funny, kind, smart, and everything in between. So even though you're the fat girl in your friend group, you're also the best girl in your friend group, and never forget it.

I know a lot of fat girls who are really happy in their relationships, but I know more who are in the same boat as me. ” “There’s nothing wrong with you, you just could improve if you do this.” “Can I recommend something? " or "You're really pretty for your, you know," is infuriating. You just have to stop associating these words together.

You have the privilege of already being able to go to restaurants without people looking at you no matter what you order. I’ve gotten hit on once at a club and it was because my hair reminded this guy of Texas. I don’t think a boy has ever looked at me at Muhlenberg. That’s not saying fat people don’t have relationships, but I know one woman who gets exclusively hit on by old men, and the amount of websites where women are payed just to eat is sickening.

So if you’re getting a salad, and all I want is chicken fingers, I’m probably going to get a salad so I don’t feel even worse about myself. Many times, our fatness is fetishized or seen as disgusting, which makes going out to the club and watching our skinny friends hook-up with men for hours pretty upsetting.

So here are 16 of the most common grievances of your token fat girl in the friend group: I lived in my sorority house last year, and nothing was worse than when we had themed parties. I didn’t want to be the odd one out, and I couldn’t borrow from anyone because we aren’t the same size.

When formal comes, I always have to buy my own new dress, instead of being able to go through my sisters' closets like the rest of my house is doing.

I did a family stack once and my big looks like one of those birds on the back of hippos. Chub rub is the horrible thing that happens when our fat on our legs rubs up against itself and gives us giant rashes.

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