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Bus subways are sometimes built to provide an exclusive right-of-way for bus rapid transit lines, such as the MBTA Silver Line in Boston.

These are usually called by the term bus rapid transit.

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Naming practices often select one type of placement in a system where several are used; there are many subways with above-ground components, and on the other hand, the Vancouver Sky Train and Chicago 'L' include underground sections.

Historic posters referred to Chicago's Red & Blue lines (then called the State Street & Milwaukee/Dearborn lines) as "the subway lines".

Interestingly, when the Boston subway was originally built, the subway label was only used for sections into which streetcars (trams) operated, and the rapid transit sections were called tunnels.

Also, in some countries, subway refers to systems built under roads and the informal term tube is used for the deep-underground tunnelled systems (such as London's Piccadilly line) – in this usage, somewhat technical nowadays and not used much in London, underground is regardless the general term for both types of system.

It uses passenger railcars operating singly or in multiple unit trains on fixed rails.

It operates on separate rights-of-way from which all other vehicular and foot traffic are excluded (i.e. It uses sophisticated signaling systems, and high platform loading.

These usually have more characteristics of light rail than rapid transit.

Metros, short for metropolitan railways, are defined by the International Association of Public Transport (L'Union Internationale des Transports Publics, or UITP) as urban guided transport systems "operated on their own right of way and segregated from general road and pedestrian traffic.

Rail systems with specific construction issues operating on a segregated guideway (e.g.

monorail, rack railways) are also treated as Metros as long as they are designated as part of the urban public transport network." Metropolitan railways are used for high capacity public transportation.

Il 26 aprile seguente, durante la 67ª assemblea generale della CONMEBOL, il presidente della FIFA Gianni Infantino ha ufficializzato l'uso del sistema VAR durante il campionato del mondo 2018, dichiarando che: "In questo modo non solo aiuteremo il direttore di gara, ma renderemo un po’ di giustizia anche al pubblico". Il sistema è entrato poi in vigore nel campionato di Serie A 2017-18 Durante la finale della Coppa del mondo per club FIFA 2016, la prima apparizione del VAR in una competizione internazionale per club, l'allenatore del Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane, ha definito il sistema una "fonte di confusione" e anche Luka Modrić ha espresso delle opinioni negative riguardo a tale sistema.

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