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It had the little Kodak cartridges that you stick in, and I remember it had the ability to shoot one-stop animation.

I loved it and I’d take it with me when I went off on tour with him.

’ – led to him raising the money for Moon, starring Sam Rockwell.

I’d use my Star Wars figures, Smurfs toys, whatever I had, and make these little animated films.

Dad would help.‘He taught me, in a lovely way, the basics of making a movie, like how to do storyboards, write a script, do the lighting.

His ensemble – brown stubble, dishevelled light blond hair, scruffy jeans, a T-shirt emblazoned with the iconic anti-hero Sid Vicious – shouts ‘geek’ rather than Hollywood power broker, and there isn’t any immediate physical similarity with his father.

Indeed, there are times when I have to remind myself how easily Jones could have been a selfish, spoilt rock brat rather than the down-to-earth, affable man who settles back into his chair and politely orders a coffee.‘I don’t know why but for whatever reason that side of life – the celebrity and the spectacle – has never interested me.

There were always photographers everywhere and a big reaction that came when anyone tried to take a picture of me. The woman who was looking after me would have her arms wrapped around my head so that they couldn’t get my picture.

It was a big event just to get in the car and go home at the end of the day. ‘It was the opposite for me on a film set,’ says Jones, suddenly animated. I’d see the amazing sets being built, how the make-up worked.

The first is his award-winning debut, Moon, a tiny £3 million-budget, exquisitely shot, nightmarish tale of an astronaut on the last days of his mining mission.

But Jones is not, and never wanted to be, Bowie Mark II. And it is testimony to Bowie that he nurtured and supported his son, helping him find his own creative path through life. At 40, Jones is the hottest director in Hollywood, thanks to two sci-fi films.

I love my work but I don’t like being in the spotlight. And it was like any kid going to watch his dad at work, no matter what they do.

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