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For a time, it was even too painful to read from the Scriptures.Finally, the Lord touched the confusion of my mind, healed me and opened my eyes to see what he’d intended for me all along. Brenda -As a young mother, lonely for friendship and a substitute “family,” I joined the LDS Church. When my only child committed suicide, I did not find hope and healing in the LDS Church, but in a personal relationship with the true Jesus of the Bible. Scott – One day at Sacrament meeting when the focus was on Jesus and His atoning sacrifice for us, I felt the Spirit of the Lord, but when I mentioned this to my Bishop, he rebuked me by saying that because of my probation and inability to partake in Sacrament, it was not possible for me to feel the Spirit.I embraced Mormonism and all that the LDS Church had to offer. In disillusionment, I left the LDS Church and everything that had to do with Christianity, but God in His Grace drew me to the REAL Jesus, and I have found the joy and freedom in a personal relationship with Him without the control of authoritarian religion. Daniel S – In my 56 years as a Mormon, I raised four beautiful children, born into the covenant, served a mission in South America, served as a Stake Missionary 3 times, a Stake Mission President, an Elders Quorum President 3 times, a High Council member for 7 years with responsibility for the Bishop’s Store House and Dry Pack Cannery, a Scout Master, a Financial Clerk, a Membership Clerk, Ward Mission Leader, and an Executive Secretary.

With the Book of Mormon disproved, I didn’t know what to do… Glenn – The following is my story of how I was saved out of Mormonism.

I was raised as a Mormon and lived it for about 35 years before I met the real Jesus Christ and discovered what true Christianity is all about.

A portion of dont just how to to make an apology that would make them win and retain their self-respect.

How To Get Over A Love Affair At Work If require to to keep him hopelessly attached you forever, you will to apologize to him in the correct manner.

For many years, I believed that I didn’t need God in my life, but yet I still considered myself a Mormon. Through Rob’s patience and the Holy Spirit’s persistence, I accepted this Jesus into my life and found perfect righteousness in Him! Phillip – Raised Mormon and born with an inquisitive mind, I had many questions about the inconsistencies I saw between Mormon doctrine and practice.

Finally, my search for the truth about God and what He has to offer led me to the REAL Jesus of the Bible. But as a young adult, I fell away because I was unable to live up to all of the Church’s standards. When I questioned the LDS leadership about these problems, I was excommunicated for my “lack of faith,” and disowned by my LDS family.

As a former Mormon Bishop and member who had served that Church for over 32 years and as one who researched and documented what I have learned, I have come to know the true Lord Jesus Christ and His Grace. Rob – I was born into an LDS home and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In my teenage years, I became disillusioned by the inconsistencies I found within the LDS Church. He too had been raised LDS, but had come to know the REAL Jesus of the Bible.

After I accepted the Lord, I was able to help lead Laura (my future wife at the time) to the Lord. When my new wife, Cheryl, was baptized into Mormonism, I too was reinstated into the Church.

Immediately my Mormon family welcomed me back, but this was short lived when doubts and unanswered questions began to resurface in my mind. My parent’s relationship with each other was not good and when my mom died when I was 12 years old, I was left alone most of the time.

I was intrigued by it, so I decided to try it out, even being baptized for the dead and receiving my endowments in the temple. I moved away to try to get away from the Mormons, but even there they found me!


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