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Also, easily browsing through a list of nice looking people while sitting on the train or waiting in a line is just a great way to check on your latest matches and messages.

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Which isn’t a problem, as a deep and detailed profile is a surefire way to grab other people’s attention, but the site upfront demands you to fill out a list of personal information that’s not only long, but bland and unintuitive as well.

However, there are some unusual bits in the trivia that might interest you.

As for your possibilities, you can either send a quick message, or write a longer email.

In case you still decide to get a premium membership, you receive such perks as the ability to see whether your email was read or instantly deleted, a great way to instantly learn whether your advances were received well.

Age, location, financial status – these are the key parameters that are used by the search engine of Plenty Of Fish when it comes to matchmaking.

Naturally, you can manage the “hunt” manually as well, displaying people by their activity or popularity.

Did you find an alarming problem, lost some data, or just simply have a question about the service?

Don’t be afraid, Plenty Of Fish has your back thanks to the highly detailed FAQ section that houses dozens and dozens of helpful topics and pre-made answers aimed to solve your problem.

Plenty Of Fish is a site everybody can be a part of.

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