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The Court, therefore, is far from infallible and subject to just as much public pressure as elected officials.

There are many challenges to the AWA on a Constitutional basis. Making Reentry Impossible – A Great Danger to Society The key to successful reform of an offender is proper reentry assistance following the release from prison.

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Punishment cannot be vindictive, cold and lifelong.

There must be a way for former offenders to succeed.

There cannot be a release from prison and then endless obstacles.

There must be help, or at the very least a removal of obstacles.

Yet is has happened, and not so surprisingly, the number of people departing America on asylum requests and people renouncing their American citizenship also drastically increased. Government, they convince us, is the hero here to protect us. America’s corrupt law system has more people incarcerated per capita than any nation on Earth.

We incarcerate 25% of the entire imprisoned population in the world. Our agencies spy on all of us and use that against us.The Society takes its name from the protagonist of Victor Hugo’s epic novel, Les Miserables.While we glorify the story of Jean Valjean in Hollywood, and glamorize the story with an all star cast, our nation missed the point of Hugo’s story.America is falling, but not due to a foreign invasion. “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” – Milton Friedman Executive Summary This short analysis of the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006 and its implementation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeks to explore the background, philosophical failures and statistics to justify repeal of the AWA.We are falling due to corruption, love of power before nation, lack of respect by our law enforcement to their duty to uphold our Constitution, and due to the apathy of our nation’s people. Additionally, there are significant policy recommendations that provide real reforms that provide enhanced community safety while not violating Constitutional principles or denying the ability for former offenders to successfully reenter society.Below are many criticisms by public policy institutes that focus on creating “best practices” for legislation and law enforcement organizations.

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