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Foxy Mama: A nickname for a crafty and cunning girl. Friend: A simple and cute nickname to show she’s important to you.

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Wee-One: A sweet name for a short girl or a little girl. Wiggle Bear: An adorable and flexible girl; a cute name for a girl a great dancer. Buckeye: Commonly used for a native of Ohio, USA Bug: A cute nickname for a troublesome or jealous lady.

Slick Chick: Hands down, no one comes close to this lady. Snookie Bear: A cuter variation of Snookie; A short but adorable girl is your Snookie Bear. Sunny Hunny: A sweet pet name for an attractive girl. Tea Cup: A sweet nickname for a lady with a smaller stature. Violet: One of the prettiest of the colors; a cute name for a beautiful girl. Boss: A great nickname for a girl who loves to take charge. Brat: A cute name for a girl who acts like she’s royalty. Bubbles: For a fun and energetic girl who lives in a world of her own.

Firefly: For the kind of girl with an inquisitive, restless and colorful nature.

Flower Child: If she’s the peace and nature lover, this pretty much does justice to how beautiful her soul is to you.

Wookie: A common slang used to refer to a hairy girl. Alter Ego: It means “A second self.” A great nickname for someone that brings out a different part of you. Bugaloo: A cute nickname for a dancer or a lady who loves to party.

Winky Dink: For a girl that always looks sharp and neatly dressed. Bugaboo: A cute nickname for a lady who scares the shit out of you.

Egghead: A nickname for a smart and brilliant girl.

Enchantress: A cute nickname for a girl who’s effortlessly charming.

Enigma: A cute name for a weird and mysterious girl.

Everything: All in all, she’s so wonderful that your life would be in shambles without her.

Blueberry: A good name for a lady that keeps you focused. Book Worm: A cute name for a girl whose head is often buried in a book.

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