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More recently, my current work on the history of German criminology has led me to use material in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Institute for Contemporary History) in Munich.

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I have used some of it in my published work, but I have also made use of it in my teaching: since 1972 I have been teaching a document-based Special Subject on the 'Third Reich', first at the University of East Anglia, then at Birkbeck College, University of London, and from the year 2000 in the History Faculty at Cambridge University.

I am internationally recognized as an authority on modern German history, including the history of Germany during the Second World War: six of my books have been published in German, and my work has also been translated into French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, and other languages.

Some of my most important work, however, has also dealt with the Second World War.

In particular my book (Oxford University Press, 1996), based on unpublished manuscripts and typescripts in 26 archives, contains three Chapters (pp.

I have not previously concerned myself with his work in any way.

The only references to him in any of my books come on pages 38 and 76 of (New York, 1989), in the context, not of a detailed examination of Irving's work itself, but of a discussion of the work of other historians, namely Ernst Nolte and Hans Mommsen.

It has become well known for the thoroughness and comprehensiveness of its use of unpublished manuscript material.

Much of it has concentrated on the nineteenth century.

I am familiar with Germany and the Germans as well as with the German language.

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