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Ultrasound has become the essential tool of modern obstetric practice.With advances in technology and computer processing, what was once a mere curiosity has become crucial for the assessment of the placenta, membranes, fluid, and fetal anatomy, as is covered in the other portions of this text.It is important to establish from the outset what is meant by the term .

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The methods for dating a pregnancy, measuring growth, and assessing fetal status using Doppler technology are covered in this chapter.

Sonography provides an enormous amount of useful information to the practicing obstetrician.

The appropriate term for this method of dating is should be reserved to describe pregnancies in which the actual date of conception is known; this is uncommon and is usually restricted to patients who have undergone assisted reproduction (e.g., in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination).

Even if conceptional age is known, the menstrual age should be calculated from the conceptional age, based on the assumption of midcycle ovulation (menstrual age = conceptional age 14 days).

Thus, a fetal weight of 2000 g would be normal at 33 weeks but would indicate growth restriction at 36 weeks.

When an anomaly is discovered sonographically, the mother’s choices are heavily influenced by menstrual age.

Optimal menstrual histories are present when the patient has a certain last normal menstrual period (preferably recorded on a calendar), regular menses, no exposure to hormonal contraceptives, and no unusual bleeding.

Thus, it should not be surprising that the most common indications for obstetric sonograms are related to uncertainty regarding the menstrual age.

Once this has been done, the menstrual age is established and should never be changed later in pregnancy.


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