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According to existing marriage regulations, all the property is owned by a husband and a wife equally.Not many women in modern Iran would allow another woman to be subject to their property.A marriage is a great deal for women in controversial Iran, as she would get around 000 for being taken as wife.

The minimal age a girl can engage to be married in Iran is 13, while men are allowed to get married only at the age of 15.

Despite this very early age women can marry in Iran, statistics show that an average age when women get married in Iran is 23, while men are married at 26 on average.

In practice, polygamy is a rare case in Iran for economic reasons.

A man, who marries multiple women in Iran, bears a burden of paying for all his wives fully.

This makes Iran a comparatively progressive country in the Middle East.

Consider, for example, Saudi Arabia, where women are prohibited from having a position in any abovementioned structures.

The number of graduate Iranian women has increased by 70 percent compared to the 1970s.

Interestingly, the job regulations allow women in Iran not to work at all, while men are forced to work after they get educated.

In fact, every public transportation carrier has separate vehicles for men and women.

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