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Some new editor variables were added that expand to a path or URL for DITA root maps.Specifically, $ and $ expand to the file path of the current root map and current root map's parent directory, respectively.

If you don't want to set this attribute on all topicref elements, you can instead use the webhelp.default.sequence parameter to set the default value for the collection-type attribute to The file comparison tool now allows you to display the files in a visual Author mode.

This makes it easier to see how the compared changes will look in the final output once the changes are merged.

Streaming large documents is now possible with the Saxon 9.8 external transformer which can be installed as an add-on.

The Saxon 9.7 version of the external plugin also has the ability to stream documents.

It collects reusable components (elements with an ID) from all topics within your root map that are marked as resource only and provides a very quick and simple way to insert content references in your documents.

The available components list also includes ways to filter and search for particular reusable components.This makes it easier than ever to create custom form controls with only a bit of HTML and Java Script coding.Our new product called Oxygen PDF Chemistry allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS.A new WSAuthor Editor Page URLFor Referenced Content API was added.If the cursor is placed somewhere inside an entity reference, an xi:include reference, or a DITA content reference, this method will return a URL that, when used with Oxygen's API, will open the target resource and position it precisely at the location where the cursor was in the original XML document that referenced the content.It is particularly a great processor for generating technical documentation.

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