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She was so young when she won in 2013 they had to put Irn Bru in her champagne flute for the press photo shoot after the win.Earlier this year she had threatened to sue Camelot for letting her win the jackpot, saying no one as young as she had been should have won.

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She was then left unrecognisable after suffering from a Brazilian Bum Lift which reportedly left her with a severely bloated face.

The Edinburgh babe then revealed plans to sue Camelot over her lottery win – claiming it had ruined her life.

The 22-year-old put the four game accumulator bet on during last night's matches.

She bet on Inverness to beat Brechin City, St Mirren to win against Livingston, Crystal Palace to draw with Brighton, and Newcastle to draw with West Brom. Her followers showered her with praise saying 'geez you're good Jane' and 'need some of that luck'. One of her first purchases was a breast augmentation, increasing her bust to 34FF.

Perhaps you have nothing in common with “Nina” in FOB or Diane Keaton for that matter, but Ms.

Nina Banks has a couple of lessons that are still relevant for the Mother of the Bride TODAY.

Ta.”Another user, Kenny added: “You should start up a tipping service.” The blonde beauty became the youngest Euro Millions winner when she scooped the £1million jackpot at just 17.

Since her win, she’s already spent £50,000 on numerous surgical enhancements, including boob jobs, liposuctions and botox.

She claims to have met the football star on Tinder, she said: “I swiped right.


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