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Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates ranks among the top guitar players in rock and metal and part of how he remains at those lofty heights is by continually studying his craft.

While Gates has staged clinics for fellow guitarists in the past, he's taking things a step further with the help of his father, Brian Haner Sr., who has played with the likes of Frank Zappa, Tower of Power and more, as they launch the Synyster Gates School.

And I'll tell you what, for fucking six months, it's impossible to articulate any of that shit.

And that's why it's taken five years upon conception, but about four solid years of really delving into this shit heavily and just bringing the brick wall after brick wall.

How important was it for you to have a community of guitarists around you, especially when you were learning how to play?

It's extremely important because since this conception, I've read at least five, six books on entrepreneurial behaviors and personalities and approach, and it all leads to a couple of primary, fundamental things, and a huge one is crowdsourcing.

he just came in and would add so much to certain songs, so that it was a very symbiotic relationship.

He always wanted to be a rock star and I always wanted to be a fucking studio musician. So, we've really learned a lot of certainly the missteps we want other kids and inspiring players to avoid which is really important.If it was just one teacher, even just my father, I would be half the player that I am today.Probably a damn good player, but it's all the crazy people that I've studied with, like TJ Emerick, Brett Garsed, all the different styles, Frank Gambale, and stuff like that.The learning curve was basically in the studio with Avenged Sevenfold writing things over my head exploring different music and all of that different kind of stuff but, I never really studied from an actual viable source since my time at MI [Musicians Institute] until about seven years ago.I just found this wealth of information online and I know I sound kind of like a "Johnny come lately" to that kind of stuff, which I was.To begin with, it's a very systematic approach to playing a multitude of different styles.

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