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If you are experiencing these 3 revealing signs (or something close to them) then your ex is still interested. Go find yourself, a good plan, and start working on, getting back together, with your ex boyfriend. You want to know if your ex boyfriend wants you back. It is hard to get to your destination without a good map. What are you willing to do if he does want you back? Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008, to overcome breakup pain, and, get their lives back.If you have any comments or questions, please write them below in the comment box, and I will answer them ASAP! I even have an “About” section, that I recommend you read.They are hooks…each little note is a way to keep you hooked on thinking about him.

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I realize the address, of my site, is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but, I “really” teach people, how to get their lives back, not just their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me, (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter, for access to the free breakup survival plan, and, start getting your life back, today.

Does he always seem to be showing up at the places he knows you hang out at?

Then he pretends not to see you until he catches you looking at him, and then he approaches like you called him over or something. He is following you around and that means he is still very much attached to you.

There are blogs from women in these types of marriages, guest posts, threads on message boards, everywhere you see wives saying “I want my husband to want me!

”, but still the popular myth is maintained: that men need/want sex more than women.

I would suggest this number is deflated because of the social stigma attached to men who don’t want sex as much as their wives. You can’t just ask people if they are refused, because some people will say they are refused while they’re having sex more than seven times a week (which by the way only 3% of respondents are, but 50% of those who are have been married 25 years, so kudos, you’ve earned it! So, here is the logic I used to determine if someone is being refused: Then, you might be a refused spouse.

49% of them have higher sex drives than their husbands, with an additional 20% matching their husbands, giving an astounding 69% of wives have higher drives than their husbands. Now, you may agree or disagree with my criteria, but that’s what I have.

Which leaves us with 36% of wives having high drives. According to my respondents, we’re sitting at around 22% of men are being refused by their wives. How many married couples are there in your local church?


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