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He served in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq as a Turkish military adviser from 2002 to 2008.

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Considering the death toll, the length of the clashes and the damage at the combat scene, security sources told Al-Monitor the Turkish security forces did not expect an operation of such scope and had planned for a routine arrest operation.

“Cakici had taken part in an operation two days ago against the PKK’s [Kurdistan Workers Party] urban structure. In other words, this raid in which Gokhan lost his life was for the security of the HDP in Diyarbakir.” It is now clear that Ankara has become immersed in a two-front struggle against the PKK and IS and is on the verge of important decisions.

Speaking to Al-Monitor, security forces said the casualties resulted from a lack of body armor.

Then clashes broke out between the police and the remaining militant in the house.

Another IS militant attempted to was surrounding that house, the fighting began.

A police officer noted they were surprised when IS militants did not try to escape during those seven hours and did not respond to the calls for surrender issued every 15 minutes.‘‘Honestly speaking, their continuing to clash with us for seven hours without trying to escape until they ran out of ammunition caught us by surprise.

Unfortunately, these two raids did not go as well as the others and they became the scene of unprecedented clashes between the police and IS militants.

According to the police, special operations staff and Al-Monitor's local sources in Diyarbakir, the raid that began as a routine arrest operation deteriorated into seven hours of bloody clashes. The inhabitants did not flee or surrender, as they usually do.

The sources said five of the militants hailed from Turkey’s southeastern province of Bingol and two were likely foreigners. According to the sources, the foreign militants had entered Turkey illegally about a a half ago and settled in Diyarbakir to plan suicide bombing attacks against pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) targets on the eve of the general elections.


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