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They’re in a rebuild, but they’re on playoff bubble. I do think COL is winning with Zadorov, Compher, Greer and the draft picks.

And they have so many assets from the Duchene trade. Been really impressed with his defense against top lines. Zadorov and Compher are big components of this team.

And yes, we could have another Forsberg ankle drama situation.

I do believe it’s the groin but that’s not confirmed.

Special teams is really behind their recent success of 9-3-1 or whatever it is.

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I look forward to posing this question to Joe Sakic soon. Any specific names stick out that the Avs could be interested in trading for? Mike: Well, I don’t think Tyson Barrie will be traded this season. in terms of time-frame I would think Makar will play through his sophomore year at UMass and perhaps Timmins has a chance to make the team out of training camp this fall. Nail Yakupov, I notice he will always go through the celebration line first when a goal is scored and he’s on the ice; I think traditionally the goal scorer goes first through that line.

I saw that Tyson Barrie was on the trade bait list on TSN. With Cale Makar and Conor Timmins coming up, the Avs have a lot of right-shooting D options. Barrie’s cap hit is .5M and COL wouldn’t mind losing that and replace him with a guy on an ELC, but again, I don’t think that will happen this year. What is their timetable for NHL and do you think Barrie will be traded if Makar continues to develop? If Makar chooses to play another year of NCAA he can’t attend training camp. It made me curious whether Yak is as well regarded in the locker room as he is with the fans.

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I feel like we are in the Peter Forsberg ankle drama all over again. First it was lower-body and we asked if that meant groin, and Coach Bednar said “muscular” ….

Is there any concern over Semyon Varlamov‘s yearly groin injury, since the surgery was supposed to fix it.

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