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If you are using My SQL you will still need downtime when upgrading.Verify that you can upgrade with no downtime by checking the Upgrading without downtime section of the update document.Unlike the previous chapter, the non-Omnibus installation is using My SQL while the Omnibus installation is using Postgre SQL.

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Option #2: Convert to Postgre SQL and use the built-in server as the instructions below.

Warning: Omnibus Git Lab 7.14 was the last version where CI was bundled in the package.

You will have to configure those settings in /etc/gitlab/

Upgrade by creating a backup from the non-Omnibus install and restoring this in the Omnibus installation.

Otherwise, download the latest CE or EE (subscribers only) package to your Git Lab server then all you have to do is Upgrading from non-Omnibus installations has not been tested by Git

Please be advised that you lose your settings in files such as gitlab.yml, and smtp_

If you can log into the Git Lab web interface, the next step is to reboot your server to make sure none of the old services interferes with omnibus-gitlab.

If you are using special features such as LDAP you will have to put your settings in gitlab.rb; see the omnibus-gitlab README.

Please ensure you are using exactly equal versions of Git Lab (for example 6.7.3) when you do this.

You might have to upgrade your non-Omnibus installation before creating the backup to achieve this.

If you meet all the requirements above, follow these instructions: Git Lab 8.11 introduces new key names for several secrets, to match the Git Lab Rails app and clarify the use of the secrets.


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