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The middle school years are a time of transition for tweens in many ways.

There are obvious social, physical, and emotional changes happening with 6th to 8th graders.

Encourage her to start with a study skills self-assessment to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. For many homeschooled students, one weak area will be note-taking skills.

However, middle school also serves the purpose of preparing students for more challenging academics and greater personal responsibility in high school.

For public school students (and their parents), the expectations in the first year of middle school can be an abrupt and demanding change.

One of the biggest transitions during middle school is preparing students to assume responsibility for their own educations.

It’s during this time that parents should adjust their role from teacher to facilitator and allow homeschooled tweens and teens to take charge of their school day.

Others learn better through audio books and video-based instruction.

Even if you’re not willing to hand over the selection process to your middle school student entirely, take her input into consideration.

It was not a good fit for her, and we wound up changing curriculum and feeling as though we’d wasted an entire semester Because the curriculum was such a strong, well-written option, I was still hoping it might work for my younger children.

Instead of waiting until high school to find out and potentially face more wasted time, we used one of the middle school options during 8th grade.

While it is important that teens begin to become self-directed learners, it’s also vital to remember that they still need guidance.

It’s important that parents remain active, involved facilitators during the middle school and high school years.

During the meeting, help your student plan her schedule for the week.


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