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It achieved worldwide growth in 2003 and spun off to include women of other nations in 2007 with Amo Latina, Africa Beauties and Asian Beauties.

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In the article Larry Cervantes, the company spokesman was said that throughout history men have pursued the unattainable and made fools of themselves and it is no different now.

The lesson here seems to be, “” Source: The clients of Anastasia International have to pay for email and phone correspondence, video and online chat as well as flower and gift delivery.

Other men write about their positive impressions concerning the services of Anastasia International and tell their success stories: Reviews source: I have found no clear answer whether Anastasia International pays the girls for chatting or not.

I just believe that if there are positive reviews on Anastasia in the internet it cannot be true that Anastasia is a scam only.

In The Guardian article, Shaun Walker recounts his impression from his visit to the Ukraine with Anastasia International.

Before the trip to meet the women that the men became acquainted with online, the men have paid Anastasia for communication services including email, live chat, video chat and their “” services.Its first website started in January 1997 and in 2011 it was sold to a private investor.It and its three spin off services are now owned by Social Discovery Ventures.But I wanted to know where Anastasia International does hire the girls for chatting with their clients.I searched on the internet for more information on this issue.I give my best to reply all the questions in a very factual and detailed way. With the slogan that ” Anastasia is an international dating site that is ranked as the 29th most popular dating website in the world and earned 0 million in 2012.


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