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"Younger voters tend to be very supportive of legalization, and for that reason, some might suggest the presidential election in 2020 as the best time'' to introduce the new ballot proposal."But Alaska and Oregon certainly didn't wait,'' he added.

"They won at the polls and now have good programs.''Both Alaska and Oregon passed legislation allowing adults to possess and grow marijuana in their homes in 2015 - a non-presidential election year.

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Hurting the credibility of the process is that fact that at least one of the application graders, Trevor C. Bozeman pled guilty in 2005 to possession with intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance in Pennsylvania and was sentenced to three years of probation."That stuff is just not OK,’’ Gould said. They either didn’t know, or they didn’t do background checks'' on the application graders."This is incompetence at best, and borders on criminal at the worst,'' he added.* The "Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Amendment'' would provide for the legal cultivation, possession, processing, dispensing, use and consumption of marijuana by anyone persons 21 years of age or older.* The amendment would control the commercial production and distribution of marijuana under a system that licenses, and regulates the businesses involved; while also providing the lawful cultivation, sale, and processing of industrial hemp.* The amendment would provide for the commercial cultivation, processing, and dispensing of marijuana by persons 21 or older: "If you can own a bar, or make beer, wine or spirits, you will be able to own a marijuana dispensary, processor or cultivation." townships could approve the number of commercial marijuana businesses that may be permitted to operate in their community, and local voters would be allowed to decide if dispensaries can open in their precinct.* No public consumption would be allowed.

Smoking marijuana or marijuana products would be prohibited in any public place, in any place where smoking is prohibited, or on (or in) any form of public transportation.

Gould said he would need 305,592 signatures to place the issue before Ohio voters next year.

His group plans to finalize the language in the proposal and begin circulating it next month.

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