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Judge Howie said Macfie had told the girls about becoming princesses and warned them not to tell anyone about his crimes because they were being followed.

Macfie warned one girl she would be killed if she told the police.

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Prior sex offences against girls as young as 12 yrs.

One man shouting rot in hell you arsehole as Macfie was escorted out of the courtroom.

Barrister Martin van der Walt, for Magee, said his client had been a cadet volunteer for 14-years, but had worked in an area responsible for supplying uniforms to young cadets.

Magee, the court was told, used computer search terms traditionally used by people trying to locate "pre-teen hardcore" child pornography.

- Read More below- News (3-6-2011)- A former Portland man convicted of committing a six-week campaign of sexual abuse against seven teenage girls in the Ballarat region will spend the next decade behind bars.

John William Macfie, 70, was sentenced in the County Court in Ballarat yesterday, and will serve up to 15 years and seven months in prison with a non-parole period of 11 years.

The court heard Macfie was already a convicted sex offender who had previously served 10 years in prison after two similar series of sexual offences involving girls as young as 12.

In April and May last year he sexually abused seven girls aged between 13 and 16, who all went to a secondary college in the Ballarat region.

A number of victims and their parents attended the sentencing, with one man shouting rot in hell you arsehole as Macfie was escorted out of the courtroom.


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