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The next line creates a "fprun" instance of :class:`Flexpart`, by passing the pathnames of a FLEXPART run.: The Header is central to reflexible.

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A users guide for FLEXPART is available which explains the model output.

If you are interested in contributing functionality for other FLEXPART versions, please contact me.

It is important to understand the differences between H. Each tuple is a key to another dictionary, that contains the data.

Currently there are differences between the way the data is stored in H. C, but future versions are working to make these two data stores common. C is keyed by (s,k) where s is an integer for the species #, and k is an integer for the release id.

Okay, let's take a look at the example code above line by line.

The first line imports the module, giving it a namespace "rf" -- this is the preferred approach.reflexible is undergoing modifications and is not particularly stable or backward compatible code.I am trying to move in the right direction, and have moved the code now to Using Ipython you can explore the methods and attributes of H. FD: We see only tuples, now keyed by (s, rel_id), where s is still the species ID, but rel_id is the release ID.Let's start with the "C" attribute, which is similar to the "FD" dictionary described above, but contains the Cumulative sensitivity at each time step, so you can use it for plotting retroplumes. These release IDs correspond to the times in H.releasetimes which is a list of the release times.The ability to read this data directly is forthcoming, but for now reflexible still only works with the raw unformatted binary Fortran data FLEXPART has traditionally used for output.


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