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In addition, about 3,800 (up 1,000 from Twitter’s data The results of this supplemental analysis are consistent with the results of our previous work: automated election-related content associated with Russian signals represented a very small fraction of the overall activity on Twitter in the ten-week period preceding the 2016 election.

For reference, those 3,800 IRA bots tweeted about 176,000 times during that ten week period, of which less than 15,000 were election-related.

677,775 people saw followed or retweeted one of these accounts during that same period, and are being notified. “In December 2017, our systems identified and challenged more than 6.4 million suspicious accounts globally per week,” the company wrote.

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Lastly Twitter explains some concrete steps it’s taking to make the 2018 elections a bit less susceptible to this type of interference, which, while not actually too grand in scale, was certainly more widespread than expected.

Specifically, the company is working on verifying all candidates, escalating issues of impersonation or hijacking, and monitoring election-related conversations closely for evidence of manipulation or bot participation.

Dietary indiscretion, according to PAWS Veterinary Clinic, is a term they used to refer to condition when animals, particularly pets, eat dumb things. Well, the list can go on but according to veterinarians, balls, socks, towels, ribbons, pantyhose, rocks and underwear tops the list.

At first, it would seem funny and you might end up laughing hysterically at the crazy antics of your pet.

They also make specific recommendations about how you manage your money, like telling you if it’s more cost effective to use your savings to pay off your student loans ahead of schedule.

These goals go into a dashboard where users can keep track as they complete them, like in the image above.

For 0 a year the startup pairs you up with a real-life certified financial advisor to give you personalized financial advice, but also provides you with the tech to visualize and stay on top of the advice you’re given.

The startup was founded by Chris Hutchins, who co-founded Milk with Kevin Rose then went on to be a partner at Google Ventures.

The ones who sit quietly and use their inside voices? Think back and try to remember if they had a smart phone, a tablet or a game consul in their hand. Technology can be absolutely wonderful in the sense that it can teach kids, encourage them, inspire them and keep them entertained when you have to run to the grocery store with them. We work so hard in other aspects of life to change social norms, yet we still allow influences such as a default setting of a female-voiced intelligent personal assistant teaching them that it is the role of the woman to serve the man. We need to normalize male assistants and female bosses.

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