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Sorensen’s resignation comes shortly after a similar sign-off by Rob Porter, who was accused of abuse by two ex-wives. A column chronicling conversations and events on the awards circuit.Martin Mc Donagh finds himself in rarefied territory this season after the Academy’s directors branch rather shockingly “snubbed” him and failed to nominate him in their category for his much-acclaimed Golden Globe winner and Oscar Best Picture contender, colleague Reg E. “Reg was the kindest man, the most giving actor, a true gentlemen.

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Adding to the excitement, Nicky’s older sister, Paris Hilton, is sure to spoil her newest niece or nephew.

Ahead of Lily’s arrival, The Simple Life alum, 36, couldn’t help but gush over becoming an aunt in an interview with Us in May 2016.

Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning Icelandic composer, musician and producer, died in Berlin yesterday.

He was 48, and a cause of death was not immediately known.

"I'm very proud of CBS and NBC for just taking quick action," Chung said on Bravo’s The actual white tiger and K-Pop filled Opening Ceremony of the XXIII Winter Olympics occurred early on Friday morning in Pyeong Chang and was widely streamed and disseminated by the time NBC put on its primetime show last night.

But with geopolitical tensions, VIP seating plans, 1,200 pre-recorded morphing drones, VR and the newly minted team of Katie Couric and Mike Tirico, the Comcast-owned net made the event seem almost as brand new and sparkling as the ice beneath…

With Trump’s announcement this week that he’d love a military parade, Maher was able to cross off yet another entry on the authoritarian to-do list he unveiled on an episode of last season’s SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of tonight’s Olympics Opening Ceremony from Pyeong Chang on NBC.

Not a single medal has been awarded yet at the XXIII Winter Olympics, but if there was a gold for commentary doubles, then Katie Couric and Mike Tirico were well in the running tonight with NBC's Opening Ceremony from Pyeong Chang, In a move that would have seemed almost impossible over the years of awkward Olympics banality from the now thankfully pink-slipped A second White House staffer has resigned following accusations of domestic abuse.

Threequels are notorious for being the lowest out of a franchise’s bunch at the box office with the exception of most superhero movies.

Even more hope for Connie Chung lauds both NBC and CBS for firing Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose for sexual misconduct, and says she herself was sexually harassed often throughout her career.

“We found out the first time and trying to keep it a surprise,” the hotel heiress revealed to Us.

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