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" I got a tonight." (LA) 12/12: To serve the entire sentence without parole. 13 1/2: The sum total of 12 jurors, one judge, and one half-chance, often featured in tattoos 5-0: Correctional officer. 115: A rules violation report (CDC Form 115) can lead to disciplinary action. (TX) 602: The prisoner grievance or administrative appeal process (CDC Form 602).

It may be classified as either "administrative" or "serious." 128: CDC informational chrono, as in Form 128-G. This process provides three formal levels of review, beginning institutional levels and progressing to the Director's review in Sacramento. 5150: A person needing mental health treatment, based upon the California Welfare and Institutions Code section for civil commitment..

There’s even a Facebook group called 'I Hate the Word Moist' which boasts nearly 7,000 followers, and in a recent Mississippi State University poll, 'moist' was named as one the ugliest words in the English language.

The word 'moist' has long-been regarded as one of the world's most unpleasant words - particularly by women, but it has now been revealed that the offending phrase is not the only word women find almost unbearable to hear. But a new survey of 500 women from underwear company Knix Wear has revealed that there are in fact six words that they claim to hate most - and while some of the word aversions can be explained by phonetics, perhaps not surprisingly, others bring up bad sexual connotations.

Mark Liberman, Ph D, a professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, explains on his blog Language Log that word aversion is 'a feeling of intense, irrational distaste for the sound or sight of a particular word or phrase', not because it is grammatically incorrect, but because 'the word itself somehow feels unpleasant or even disgusting'.

" He went chainin this mornin." Chalk or Raisin Jack: Home made alcohol, or pruno.

(TX) Chalking: To run interference with officers while another prisoner is breaking a rule. (MI) Cho-Cho: An ice cream bar bought in the canteen (TX). (MT) Chrono: Informational notes by prison officials documenting classification decisions, minor disciplinary offenses, medical orders, and just about everything else that might be recorded on a prisoner. Circuit: Transfers to discourage contact with others.

Many people prefer less gender-specific terms such as 'underwear'.

A writer for Associated Press argued that the word is too sexy for an everyday expression of what many women view as a utilitarian garment.

Coming closely behind, at 68 per cent, was 'squirt'.

Once again, the researchers believe that this can be explained due to the fact that 'squirting' is slang for female ejaculation - a highly-searched term in porn videos.

For the 22 per cent of people who listed 'flap' as a problem word, Thibodeau believes that two facts - similarity to the word 'fap' meaning masturbation - and the medical memories that many associate with the term 'skin flap' – a phrase that is definitely not sexy.


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  2. We also discuss theoretical mechanisms, practical applications, and empirical support for this treatment and provide practical guidelines for clinicians who wish to use exposure therapy and empirical evidence to guide their decision making.

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