Updating an older man wardrobe

o me, business casual for men’s outfits is a loose definition, but it definitely has an upper and lower range of what’s appropriate.The only true way to determine what it means is by looking at it in relation to the current dress code of the company or function you’re dealing with.Chino pants are the default in an outfit like this, but dark wash jeans are just as appropriate.

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The second you’re not wearing a full suit and tie, you can basically wear anything but sneakers with your business casual outfit.

I’d default to Oxfords, Monk Straps or Loafers – either in suede or leather, but any of the options above are acceptable.

Chinos are a little less formal or more used during spring and summer, while jeans a little less so than chinos and typically used year-round.

Never, ever – unless the suit pants are a very thick wool (similar to wool trouser weight) – should you wear suit pants without the accompanying jacket.

Polo shirts should only be worn untucked, but the exact opposite is true for collared shirts. Now let’s go over the typical outfits and when they’re appropriate to wear.

For most companies, whether they require a suit (maybe no tie) or a blazer or collared shirt everyday, there are two types of business casual outfits. Not only do they have everything they need, they get to look amazing as well.When something catches their eye, they just throw a wad of money at it, never even bothering to look at the freaking price tag. You’re stuck with a second-rate salary, and you can’t spend much of it on your wardrobe.Your goal is to match a tie with your dress shirt or suit, not the other way around, so buy ties that fit with your whole wardrobe.Check out this guide for a heads-up on essential colors, patterns, and fabrics.While I love them, they have no place in a business casual outfit.


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