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Raised in Chicago and then New York by her Irish-American actress mother Diane Hurley – who appeared in Star Trek and in countless theatre productions, including several turns on Broadway – Anastacia now calls Los Angeles home. I now celebrate that soul-pop-rock thing my music does, rather than telling myself I need to be all “yo-yo-yo” like a rapper to sell albums.’Unlike many who have used cancer as a motivation to revolutionise their diets and go vegan, or gluten-, dairy- or sugar-free, Anastacia has focused on her mental health, shunning trendy exclusion diets. I came to this late, so, as long as I am physically able to tour, I will, like Tony Bennett.I may need to be propped up by a piano, but that’s OK,' said Anastacia (pictured with Sam Smith)‘My sister showed me that Super Size Me Mc Donald’s thing [a documentary showing what happened to a man when he ate only Mc Donald’s food for a month] and now I can’t eat Mc Donald’s, but other than that I eat as I always did.Let's address the alien in the room: The X-Files season 11 premiere was rough.

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"I just want to listen," says Tracie as they pull up to Sammie's house for Couch Time.

Sammie says she chose to focus her attention on Tracie because Tracie was so supportive that Sammie started to think of her as a big sister.

I understand that she's leery of Sammie or else none of this would have happened, but she's really leaning into "indicating" (actor term) her apprehension.

At a certain point, Reese started mentioning drugs she was on to treat an unspecified cancer and hinting around about how she hoped she'd live long enough to meet Tracie.

When I finished my cancer recovery I went with my sister and some close friends to Mexico.

After everything I’d been through, to suddenly feel free among beautiful scenery with the best company was bliss.

Though she speaks positively about it now, as the beginning of her rebirth, Anastacia’s surgery was ‘very invasive’, with tissue taken from the lateral muscles in her back to construct the new breasts. She is an ardent campaigner – through the Anastacia Fund she set up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – for women under 40 to be screened and educated about the risks of non-genetic breast cancer.

Anastacia says that her experience of Crohn’s – as a child, she had to have a foot-long piece of her intestine removed, leaving her temporarily in a wheelchair – has made her able to cope with ‘medical stuff’ well. 'My cancer has definitely made me rein in stress and accept myself.

Another topic on which she is hilarious is her nose, which she saw clearly for the first time after having laser eye surgery (although she still wears non-prescription versions of her trademark glasses and is releasing her own line of specs with fashion label Blumarine in the spring).


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