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If you don’t have one, consider renting a Pocket Wi Fi from Sakura Mobile.) If you want to connect with travelers passing through your city, just register as a local.You’ll get to be a tour guide, a resident expert and, most of all, a local friend.

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If you’re a busy bee and can’t find a lot of time to go out at night, here’s a fun, fast and—most importantly, free—app to meet new people in Tokyo.

Just by swiping left to reject and right to like, Tinder can help you connect with people that you wouldn’t have met on your daily commute—possibly leading to the meeting of your dreams. Think of it this way: in this busy day and age, falling in love at first sight can be a challenge—but as long as people are glued to their phones, you may just fall in love at first swipe!

(Don’t worry, you can still keep your old ones.) There’s definitely something for everyone on Meet Up.

All you have to do is sign up and join a group that piques your interest. has made swiping into a new social and cultural phenomenon.

Some questions require no thought and can be as simple as, “Are you a dog or cat person?

” Other questions like “Do you want children in the future? The great thing about Ok Cupid’s match-making process is that they also ask you the answers you’ll accept from potential matches, how important a given question is to you; and a bit of free space where you can elaborate on your answer.

If they’re friends with your friends, chances are, they’re cool and fun to hang out with. Tokyo’s large number of professionals will keep you busy hopping from one networking event to another.

While the main purpose of a networking event shouldn’t be to meet the love of your life, it is what it is—networking.

Lifull Trave Ring offers a whole new type of traveling where you’ll never be alone!


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