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I will tell you that I don't care for Bella and the Pack anymore. Carlisle x Bella-I love them more as a romantic couple but I also do enjoy the fanfictions of them with a father/daughter bonding especially if the story is canon pairings. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You're Not In The Mood.16. Chloe helps Lucifer battle illness related to hellfire. Set during New Moon, AU characters may seem a little OOC. What if someone had one day saw little Harry Potter in his cupboard when the Dursley's weren't around? My first attempt at a Drarry fic..reviews welcomed :)When Bella left the Volturi in New Moon, Caius soon feels drawn to the mysterious human that confounded them all.

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Favorite Couples: I believe that Bella should have belonged mostly to the Volturi or Carlisle because when Carlisle was living with the Volturi he was technically part of the Volturi Coven at one point in time. Bartolomeo-especially when he becomes Straw Hat's comical fanboy Zoro x Tashigi- FAVORITE20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity.1. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In."5. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso.6. A vampire doesn't seem to be enough bad luck seems to follow her like a shadow. Bella goes off to college without them in her life. When Bella's young life is ripped apart by a serial rapist, who will help her back from the brink of insanity? There is much that is the same and much that is different. *COMPLETE***On Hiatus** As Bella and Edward prepare for their first semester of college together, not to mention their wedding, Bella works to control her newborn thirst and learns what it means to be a member of the Cullen family. What if death and Darkness had stalked Bella before meeting Edward? Then she met the Cullens, and it seemed like everything went back to normal.

Seth lightens up the mood into a more amicable and non-hostile environment while having fun joking around and getting to know people by also staying on a neutral side and not afraid to ask questions to get info so that everyone in the pack actually think before they act. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that.4. How do you cope when all you feel are emotions - everyones emotions? Will he realise that he does not in fact hate James Potter's son, and will he be able to help the young Gryffindor before he spirals down into a deep depression? This is a rewrite of my first fanfiction story published . She is on USNS Comfort when earthquake and tsunami hit Brazil. Expecting a night of her friend just flirting with some guys, and she being a mere shadow in the corner of the party, her whole night is swept away by three familiar women who seduce her with charming words and sensual touches. This is a do-over from a story I started about two years ago. The plot is slightly AU, but characters are to cannon as developed in My Family Is Odd. (Thank you so much to THOSE stories for helping with the project)Bella has spent most of her life running from the past.

Also, all of Emily F.6's stories mentioned above have a strong focus on FAMILY and all are Edward x Bella as the main romantic couple. ) is the only Edward x Jacob fanfiction that I really enjoyed and interested me. CP9's Kalifa, Kaku, Jabra, Rob Lucci and his bird, Fukurou, and Chapapa (though he introduces himself to Franky as Silent Fukurou)15. New moon AU, no cliff diving, no love triangle (But still a Jacob Friendship). Bella Grows Up Learning Secrets And What It Feels Like To Fall In Love. Will Her And Carlisle Overcome Their Obstacles To Be Together, Find Out!

I read other ones and they were really good writing but that just didn't appeal to me, didn't really interest me and I don't know why that is. But What Happens When Something Happens To Her That Only Carlisle Can Repair? On the run from the Volturi and her past, Bella meets the vampire that other vampires fear. Bella Swan a head strong girl unwillingly goes to stay with her father and step family.

He just wants to succumb to the darkness knowing his parents are on the otherside, but someone won't let him. *Not Slash*She stepped back, tightening her grip on Edwards arm,"I don't understand." The look in his red eyes shifted, a frown on his immortal face as his pricing gaze took Edwards, then back to her own. please R&R *SEQUEL UP*2 Months after the Cullens left in New Moon and Bella comes back into their lives in a twist of fate. Everyone knows that the Volturi only has two options for humans with knowledge of their kind: Be changed and serve them or die. What would have happened if Edward had been more secretive and tried harder to keep his secret?

As Lily Evans begins her seventh year, she is excited about the prospect of being Head Girl and about all the things that are going to change. Depressed from the death of his godfather and back to school from the worse summer he ever had, Harry is on the brink of death with no will to live. Shika Naru rated m for attempted suicide, depression, mentions of rape shonen-ai, yaoi. And what if she hadn't been so keen on vampirism nor so accepting when finding out?

Carlisle x Esme-OTP (One True Pairing for those who don't know) but when it came to the actual series they were my only favorite couple Jasper x Seth-I read a couple stories and I though that they were/are an interesting couple because Seth had expressed his friendship with Edward at least especially at the end of battle in Eclipse with the Victoria's newborn vampire army Aro x Sulpicia Aro x Bella Caius x Athenodora Marcus x Bella Caius x Bella Aro x Carlisle Alistair x Bella Edward x Bella-I usually don't generally like them as a romantic pairing unless it's a really really really really really good story plot or or it's a short and sweet reflection-type of story or it's hurt/comfort/family where their romance is actually a romance that most people I think would have preferred to have seen in the books between them Jacob x Leah-only because I'm neutral for Renesmee though I didn't like Jacob imprinting on her when she was so young and I always wanted Jacob to either imprint on or at least get together with Leah and help Leah move on from Sam so Leah can get the happy ending she so deserves Carlisle x Bella as a romantic couple (OTP in fanfiction)Volturi Kings x Bella as either any of them with Bella or all 4 together (not that I don't like the Volturi kings with their wives)Note: I like Bella with any of the Cullen men (except Edward unless there's a threesome with Edward) but for some reason that I can't seem to explain I'd rather Bella be with Carlisle. The Cullens received an important letter, included with an unexpected house guest and his entire entourage. What if child services called someone by the name of Severus Snape to ask if he wanted to adopt? So it was only correct that legends were to help her reunite her with the ones she lost. Bella is depressed- but like all other stories this one is different. What happens when Caius stays at the Cullen's to better complete his mission.

Honestly, I think that Carlisle and Bella as a romantic couple should have been from the very beginning in Meyer's Twilight verse where Esme is the mother to the Cullen children in public and private and wife to Carlisle but in reality her relationship with Carlisle is that of brother/sister. Have Your Co-workers Address You By Your Wrestling Name, Rock Bottom.17. Amenadiel and Lucifer track down escapees from hell - one major one in particular. Set beginning of Twilight, during the time-gap when Edward escaped to Alaska after meeting Bella for the first. Harry is at the end of his rope; he's no saviour, he's just a frightened and hurting adolescent who has been asked to do too much. What if they had called the police and child services? Legends helped Bella discover the identities of the Cold Ones, the Cullens. I was so not prepared for the rush of hormones that arose inside of me when I saw his toned, tan body. He mistakes the mating pull for a desire to see her dead or changed so he embarks to Forks to watch over her.

Harry x Draco Sirius Black x Remus Lupin James x Lily (Harry's parents)Harry x Snape-Snape is Harry's Mentor and/or adopted father and usually these are hurt/comfort/friendship which may or may not have a romance between Snape and Harry Although I have read ONE fanfiction, I honestly don't see any relationships between characters like a have with Twilight, Naruto, and Harry Potter. If I were to name my favorite characters, though in no particular order:1. As for Jasper, what happens when he gets a second chance at a life he once thought was gone. Can Bella save herself from complete self-destruction?

I'm just not interested in reading the fanfiction though I have read a couple of Zoro and Tashigi romance. ABUSE/SELF-HARMAfter Bella is attacked on her birthday, she comes to realize a connection she didn't know existed.

At the age of twenty-six, she finds herself more than content with the life she leads. jas/bell/Carl Family/Tragedy/Romance Harry has received his Hogwart's letter and is making his first trip to get his supplies. Follow them on their road to help bella or will they even get back together Before the hardships of the First Wizarding War there were less menacing troubles that followed the Marauders around.

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