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We've searched the capital from tip to toe and come up with this list of the best cocktail making classes in London. T Liquor cocktail-making class gives small groups of mixers their very own custom-built bars to work with (alongside providing equipment and glassware for each individual) - so there's no waiting around or taking turns here; this is two hours of continuous mixing and tasting!

Master the basics before learning more complex techniques.

Book yourself in for a masterclass at The London Cocktail Club and you will be learning from the very best concoction crafters in the capital.

This basement bar serves up some truly delicious and interesting cocktails like the flaming Brixton Riot and the very popular Porn Star Martini.

Come out and meet new people while having a great time in a nice place. Rated #15 amongst ALL 5,181 meetup groups globally!

They see us through thick and thin, helping us to navigate first loves, heartbreak, late night parties in Shoreditch… He set up his own booth in Los Angeles offering to talk to anyone, about anything, for free!

Perfect for office team building, dates, something a little different in London or just a bit of fun.

These 90 minute masterclasses are an experience in enlightenment, with the best mixers in the business on hand to lend their mad skillz and pass on some top knowledge.

End the day by competing with others to make the best cocktail of the day!

Not to be confused with a table-tennis games bar, Ping Pong is actually one of Covent Garden’s leading restaurants and bars for dim sum and cocktails.

With their cocktail classes coming in at just £35 per person, guests can tuck into some of the top tipples in the city, be you a sweet tooth, or hankering for something a bit sharper, you'll be a pro in no time.

For the budding cocktail connoisseur amongst you, the refined masterclass at The Folly is a great option.

Offering a range of Hen Party packages; for just £55 you can become a mixologist pro, enjoy a three course meal and pick the brains of your very own private bartender!


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