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To live well in the wilderness, all crew members must share the chores that turn a camp into a home, including setting up tents and tarps, creating a kitchen area, taking turns fetching water and cooking satisfying meals.

Students learn to maneuver canoes using paddle strokes such as the sweep, draw, pry and J-stroke in the Androscogin, Penobscot, Kennebec or Allagash watershed(s) in Maine’s Northwoods.

On the waterways of this five million acre forest, students portage (carry the canoes on their shoulders) to get from one waterway into another and line (guide the loaded canoe down the sides of unrunnable rapids).

The lessons learned and strengthened on this expedition will serve you for whatever challenges come next.

*This course is offered in partnership with The Island School to offer adventures in the Bahamas.

This nationally recognized program trains participants to respond to emergencies in remote settings.

The 80-hour curriculum includes standards for extended care situations.

This course is ideal for anyone seeking fresh challenges in a unique marine environment and an intense team setting.

Throughout this semester course you will develop the skills needed to travel through the wilderness and better understand the natural world around you.

Experience life adventures and expand your skills as you interact with new environments and diverse cultures.


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