Ron ng tavia yeung dating

Tavia once said that she used to have a crush on Ron while they were in training classes.

Griselda, Tavia's sister, once revealed that Tavia regarded Ron has the most handsome guy in TVB.

Ta Ro met each other while they were in their corresponding TVB training classes.

They seemed to be like the best of best friends type of couple?

Still, I want to see more Ta Ro in the future please. I read on Weibo that they had a scene together in SSSS but I don't have any details on it, and they do seem to have very few interactions these days. If Ron really don't work out with his girlfriend..

Vigilante Force: one small scene whereby Ron gives her an intriguing look from behind Find the Light: not paired; Minimal scenes together, close to none Twins of Brothers: not paired; however, it demonstrated their wonderful off-screen interactions The Academy: paired, but did not officially end up; includes a surprising and infamous tongue kiss.

On the First Beat: paired, but broke up; Tavia as guest star Yes, Sir. : One-sided feelings Ta Ro are a cute pair of close friends especially known for their vivacious off-screen chemistry, often filled with bantering, teasing, and laughter.

- No artiste bashing or condemning of any kind is acceptable.- Lastly, have fun! Anyways, I was skimming over the Ta Ro threads for the Nth time x D, when I realized and was surprised to see that these two clips have not been posted yet.

Some of you guys probably saw it already, but for those who haven't or just in the mood to watch some fun Ta Ro again: These are two clips to their 2008 birthday party where fans had made up 29 questions for Ron and Tavia to answer separately and they gave their answers at the party.

Ron changed manager in 2010 but is now currently back under Garly's management.

Ta Ro also have the tradition of holding a birthday party together with fans since 2003.

Even though I do like Ken Ta, I always feel that Ron and Tavia have a very special and cute chemistry together!

I know me too..though, I kinda did move to Ken Ta but Ta Ro will forever be in my heart!!

If Tavia goes to a place with just Ron, Kenneth, Ruco, Steven, Fung, and Ray Wong. Wouldn't that treat for fans of Tavia's pairings. Wouldn't that treat for fans of Tavia's pairings.

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