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So instead, Brandi and Charles Ray Harrington of Bentonville, Arkansas, used the device to further a bonding process that doctors say is crucial.The importance of feeling close to babies — for the babies as well as their parents — has transformed newborn intensive care units around the country.

Lowery said the hospital pays about $9,000 per camera. ‘Now we're talking about a more basic version that could be sold for a couple-thousand or less.’‘A lot of it's about bonding and keeping families together, largely.

If you live three hours away, four hours away, and your baby's going to be here four months it's hard to do that economically,’ he said.

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Still, they check on her regularly, sometimes at night.

Doctors at the hospital in Little Rock say webcam monitoring of newborns in intensive care is more than a feel-good gimmick in an age of instant communication.

Rather, they hope to reduce a number of problems that can occur when the babies go home by increasing bonding with parents.

Premature babies are more likely to be irritable or have physical or emotional problems, said Dr Curtis Lowery, chairman of the OB-GYN department at UAMS.

For example, Rutherford said he's been asked about setting up webcams for nursing home residents but hasn't begun developing such a system. Martin can see little Emily Jane in person every day, even though their home in La Place, Louisiana, is only about a half-hour drive from Ochsner.

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