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Except that he had looped the Blue Lantern ring through his tie.

(Fittingly, the blue power ring is fuelled by hope.) His first question to me, after sitting down and introducing himself, was to rank the . Best cosplay pairing A few tables down from me there was a young woman dressed in the white robe of Princess Leia. A skilled dater knows that by checking everyone off – whether you liked them or not – you're guaranteed to see all of the people who liked you. At that moment I realized, while most people judge those who live and breathe Fan culture, they're judging us too.

Calgary comic expo speed dating

Four.) of our regular readers showed up for vote for their favourite heroes in an epicesque battle to the deathish! Our throng of fans, who were there specifically to see us and not just there because the costume contest was taking too long, decided between these 4 choices: Spider-Man Wolverine The Hulk Aunt May (Submitted by me as a joke) Guess which one they picked. You already know, because you know that when I get in front of an audience, they immediately feel a compulsion to screw with me. ), here are some key results: Based on audience votes, Aunt May took the first round against Jean Grey. Thor in the semi finals, which were interrupted by Dark-Phoenix! It turns out that planning time for the Dark Knight is the same whitewash explanation as speed-force is for the Flash. The current contest rules are as follows: You must submit either an idea of what your dream date with me would be like, or an original haiku which will woo me.

There were 7 contenders in the Smackdown this year, and the audience voted in a favourite hero as well. FYI, the Green Lantern vs Thor fight came down to a matter of ring-recharging, so I imagine those rings were designed by Steve Jobs on Oa, and they never got the battery life quite right.

It is a four-day event (Thursday through Sunday) typically held the weekend before Labour Day during the summer at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) and is now owned by Informa.

Originally showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television and related popular arts, Fan Expo Canada has expanded over the years to include a larger range of pop culture and fandom elements, such as horror, anime, manga, animation, toys, collectible card games, video games, web entertainment.

As a side note, “The May Fray” released one of the best proto-punk albums of the late 70′s. Without going into a detailed blow by blow (hahaha, blow! As a consequence of this, Summer, if I may call you by your first name, I have reopened the “win a date” with me contest. Any ladies can, I just want to make sure Summer Glau gets a fair shot, just like Emma Stone did.

I blame the distractingly lovely Ramona Flowers who showed up and split my attention. Because, spoiler alert, Stephen Stills ends up gay, so Ramona, please call. For those of you who haven't been to Fan Expo before, this may sound weird. Think skimpy, dominatrix-like outfit from anime series. It's polyester and goes from my ankles to my wrist to my chin.But it isn't, when you consider that the event is a gathering of over 90,000 passionate nerds and geeks, many of whom have trouble releasing all their sexual tension. Or skin-tight spandex for a crime-fighting female comic book character. Despite this, I tested my luck at one of Fan Expo's 15 speed-dating sessions, hosted by, one of 199 women who signed up.Worst line A hip-looking guy in a tight shirt and black ball cap sat down. " Me: "Um, okay." I remove my purple specs and flutter my eyes (I think this is flirting, right? Him: "You're much more beautiful without your glasses. " Me: "No." Him: "You should get contacts." Me: "Um, I'm kind of offended by that. I didn't realize after the date that that was a line he used on all bespectacled ladies. Best fan-themed question About halfway through my 25 dates, a man lumbered over to my table. He wore a black dress shirt, black pants and a black tie.Before his butt hit the seat, he introduced himself and said: "Can you take off your glasses for me? My glasses are kind of my thing." Changing the topic quickly, he asked me how old I was. With his sleek black hair and muscular body, he was indistinguishable from a regular, non-Fan speed dater.A cleancut young man in an impressively authentic uniform, parading around as a young Captain Jean-Luc Picard, sat down with her. Eye-opening moment You find out your matches by filling out a checklist. I didn't want to look like that person, so instead I chose to look like either someone who had a very low bar or was very desperate. I vainly thought that since I wasn't your typical cosplay girl, that I would be getting probably 12 to 15 matches from my 22 checkmarks. My ego took a hit, but it was a refreshing affirmation that, as the young Capt.

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