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The fate of North Korea women smuggled into China with the promise of jobs and a better life only to be sold as brides has been revealed in a series of rare interviews.Experts believe thousands of women have been trafficked in this way since the famine in North Korea in the 1990s, often leaving families and children behind in order to make the journey. is a North Korean woman who was trafficked to China 11 years ago, thinking she would be able to work, earn some money for her family, then return.

In those years, she's lived with the dread that Chinese police will arrest her and send her back to be jailed and tortured in North Korea.

She's struggled with the scorn of neighbors who see her as an outsider.

Their plight is largely ignored, partly because the women almost never agree to interviews.

The Associated Press spoke with seven trafficked North Korean women and three Chinese husbands.

Kim hasn't spoken to her daughter since early 2013, when her husband changed his phone number after finding that she had gotten married in South Korea.

She said her daughter's biological father is actually North Korean and that she didn't know she was pregnant when she was sold to her Chinese husband in 2006 for 19,000 yuan (,860).

Kim said she would give her former husband 50,000 yuan (,530) if he sends her daughter to her and if he refuses she will sue him.

He said he won't allow the girl to reunite with Kim until she becomes an adult.

The pair now live happily in South Korea, but don't like to discuss how their relationship started She's passed on the chance to flee to South Korea, saying she worries about leaving her daughter and husband, a poor farmer with polio.'I'm living here because of my family ... Y.'s sun-bronzed husband said, his crutch by his side.

'But I'm a disabled man and I thought it was unfair to her.

Some lie to their husbands and say they'll return after making money in South Korea. 'Whenever I heard the sound of cars, I was afraid they might be the police.'So in 2009 she left, thinking that later she could persuade her husband to come to South Korea with her daughter if she made enough money.


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