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Berwind, joined the Board of Managers of Memorial Hospital in 1946, and she was active in fund raising for MSKCC until at least 1968. One of his brothers became the Mutual's general agent for the state of Texas, with "a most favorable commission arrangement," and another had the general agency in Newark. Haven's second wife was Fannie Arnot Palmer, whose sister, Marianna Arnot, married William B. 16, 1931.) Strawbridge, whose mother was a niece of Guaranty Trust director Edward J. Nelson Borland married the daughter of his first wife.

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Woodward Haven and Cornelia Griswold, daughter of [China merchant] George Griswold. (Obituary Record of Yale Graduates 1925-1926, pp 127-128).

7, 1833.) He was the father of George Griswold Haven (1866-1925), Skull & Bones 1887.

He married Louisa Rapallo, the sister of Judge Charles A.

He was a director of the Title Guaranty and Trust, along with Guaranty Trust directors Charles R.

was the fifth largest stockholder in the First National. Also in 1879, his sister Elizabeth was married to tobacco financier Grant B. Baker was a director of the Farmers Loan and Trust Company from at least 1900 to 1913. Woolley were directors of the First National Bank and National Safe Deposit Company along with Baker in 1910.

Rogers, was the ringleader of the Mutual Insurance takeover. Baker Jr., contributed million in 1920 to rebuild Lying-In Hospital. Baker 3d is the fourth generation of the family to serve on the hospital's board of governors. Gillette, Robert Goelet, George Griswold Haven, Oliver Harriman, R. (Display Ad 9, New York Times, May 16, 1892, p.7.) Stock of the Edison General Electric Co. He died at age 58 after falling out of a second floor window at his home. He was a vice president and trustee of the Atlantic Safe Deposit Company, a director of the Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co., the Bowery Savings Bank, the City of New York Insurance Co., the Fidelity Bank, the Guaranty Trust Company, the International Bank, the International Banking Corporation, the Matteawan Manufacturing Co., the Metropolitan Trust Co., the Mutual Trust Co., the Occitania Sugar Co., the Realty Associates, the 50 Wall Street Corp., the State Investing Co., the Title Guarantee and Trust Co., and the United States Mortgage and Trust Co.; a trustee of the Mutual Life Association and president of the Henderson Estate Co. 24, 1892 p.6.) Babcock and Fiske were the only directors from the old company.


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