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every time i order from these guys, it gets shipped out a week or more later, no matter what kind of shipping rate i get. I ended up going to GC to demo and buy the speakers and have done most of my purchases since then at GC. Well I drive over there and they tell me that I can't listen to any speaker that's not set up in will call.

Another time I called in ahead of time to ask if I could demo a speaker in the will call before purchasing and they said yes.

Musicians friend was a day late with my shipping last week and refunded my shipping costs and gave 20% off my next purchase within 90days if you tell theat to pssl they will match or beat it! pssl was the only one that i could find on google that had these slipmats. I walked in to simply buy the Denon Serato controller and waited for about 30 mins without anyone in there even acknowledging my presence.

By the time the order processed, the open box ones were gone, so they gave me brand new ones that would have cost $3-400 more at the open box price. cuz they dont have the money,unless its a hell of a sell i dont fuck with them no more. They are supposed to have the guaranteed lowest price and I found a cheaper price and they said that they couldnt possibly beat the price ......

Anyway, sounds like their customer service and promptness are a little unpredictable. WTF i M DONE WITH THEM and their damn near $300 for shipping when I got it shippied for free from some other company.

Even at the seediest end of the market – which is to say, the sex end – where, traditionally, analogue pleasures; strip shows, adult theaters, even hookers – have lost market share to Internet porn viewed in the comfort of one’s own home, the Vegas sex industry continues to thrive.

“Passers” – commission-paid workers handing out flyers for escort services – line the strip, sometime three deep. Where once it was possible to fly to the middle of the desert, get absolutely wrecked on frozen margaritas and warm hookers and then return to civilization as if nothing had happened, today it’s impossible to so much as open a minibar here without someone taking a photo and broadcasting it on Facebook.Savvy to this new reality, even the most shitty hotel on the strip – which is to say, The Riviera – has a Twitter account.Every bar and casino has a theme – from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretaville to the preposterous Pussycat Dolls lounge in Caesars Palace.You could spend all day watching clips of this stuff online without even starting to understand what it’s like to be here.Don't know if anyone else has warranties through GC but if so please let me know if you get any info yourself in the coming months.

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