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After Jorge and Scott went their separate ways, she dated another man — but the pair recently split.

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The friend described Jorge as “really nice..doesn’t want to be an actress, she just wants to have fun.

She’s young and single.” Jorge lost some weight “and then got hot,” the friend said.

Cruise is more typically linked with Hollywood insiders than denizens of the outer boroughs: His first two ex-wives were actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman.

The action hero is currently starring in the just-released thriller “Jack Reacher.” Their Dec.

18 evening ended with Cruise escorting Jorge back to the Queens home where she lives with her mother, according to the friend.

Seann William Scott doesn’t need to be reminded that 2011’s “Goon” was the best reviewed film of his career.

“I actually thought the first movie was a perfect one-off, and, for me, I think it was the only movie I have ever done that got good reviews. So I was a little bit hesitant to do anything that would ruin everyone’s love for the first one,” Scott explained.

It was the script's "heart," humor and arc of Doug "The Thug" Glatt that quickly changed the actor's mind.

It might have become a little Kill Billish, and Tarantinoish, but I don’t care.” Seann William Scott’s insistence that “Goon: Last Of The Enforcers” was bloodier than its predecessor was a direct response to Goon’s final fight sequence.

The bar set by Goon was exactly the reason why Scott was so hesitant to return, especially because he couldn’t imagine why a second film was necessary.

“She got prettier.” Jorge slipped her business card to the “Risky Business” star after he dined at Beauty & Essex — the lower East Side restaurant where she works as manager.

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