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She then cut him some more to “alleviate her stress from the situation.”Burlew’s strange obsession with death casts some doubt over her claims of the incident being an unfortunate accident.On You Tube, where she goes by the alter-ego “Xenia Nex”, you can see videos of Burlew singing dark songs with creepy lyrics she wrote with names like Golden Age of Death and Poor Little Victims.When you think vampires are just essentially unfortunate, compelling, well-dressed men who were unlucky enough to be born with a disease – which the love of a good woman could relieve, or cure, if she gave enough of herself.

Humans just assume that we are the center of the universe and so, faced with a literary creation that should, by all rights, just conk us over the head and suck us down like Slurpees, we've decided that we're too fascinating to be eaten. He has "white sharp teeth, behind the full lips of the blood-dripping mouth." He forces Mina Harker to his bosom, where "[h]er white nightdress was smeared with blood, and a thin stream trickled down [his] bare chest," and he compels her to drink his blood, like a "child forcing a kitten's nose into a saucer of milk. When he did suck, he took limited amounts of blood from consenting human women, or sucked blood against his will, or sucked rat blood. Faced with the impact of his diet on humans, Angel accepts a yucky, cruelty-free substitute, then endlessly lectures other vampires about their moral failings because they don't do the same. In the meantime, he's fascinated by her, beguiled by her, he can't stay away from her—but he can't touch her.

He cares about our love lives and our problems, which is strange because we're supposed to be his food. Edward tells Bella, his human paramour, that they need to wait until they're married before doing the deed.

The bigger problem here is that we're breeding sexually incompatible human beings, and vampires are to blame.

I can see a time coming when the birth rate is going to precipitously decline.

These women are going to be shocked when the sensitive, emotionally available, poetry-writing boys of their dreams expect a bit more from a sleepover than dew-eyed gazes and chaste hugs.

The young man, having been schooled in love online, will be expecting extreme bondage and a lesbian three-way.

And what that means is that vampires are going to run out of food. Hamilton, Stephenie Meyer, and all the others are right about the souls of their emo, Goth, velvet-wearing, crybaby vampire spawn, then maybe some kind of mass, Kurt Cobain-inspired, "You'll miss me when I'm gone," specieswide suicide is what vampires have been after all along.

Jessica Burlew is a little “different.” As though the dyed blue-green hair and facial piercings aren’t enough to set her apart from the crowd, the 16-year-old Arizona girl loves to chat about vampire-culture on a a site by the name of Vampire Freaks and goes by the username ‘soultaker11’.

Late for me, anyway, but still early for the gentleman sitting beside me—he sleeps during the day, and has only just awakened a few hours earlier.

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