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I felt right with her and I knew that I wanted to marry her.” When Vega won the 2003 Miss Universe pageant, she set a trio of important records.She was the first Dominican woman to win the title.The Atlanta Hawks Dominican bigman discusses his charity work with Basketball Without Borders, being married to former Miss Universe, Amelia Vega, and Latinos in the NBA.

Even though they didn’t even start dating until four years after they met, Horford was confident that he was going to marry Vega.

“We started dating and became pretty obvious that she was the right person for me. “I would always make fun of people, or wouldn’t believe something like that was true.

When the Red Sox played the Braves, Horford would return the favor in Atlanta.

Almost any athlete born in the Dominican Republic starts with baseball.

She was also the youngest winner since 1994 at the time, at only 18 years old.

The third record she broke was thanks to her height – she remains the tallest Miss Universe winner ever.

It has a four star rating on Yelp, but on only five total reviews. The wedding ceremony was sprung on guests as a surprise under the guise they were just attending a party. I’m guessing some guests thought that Al Horford was still with his ex-girlfriend Stephanie, only to show up for a wedding to another woman.

Sure enough, MTO reported that some guests arriving to the party had no idea that Horford and Gonzalez had even broken up and were shocked to watch the wedding occur.

“[Former All-Star outfielder] Raul Mondesi, he had a little league in Santo Domingo,” Tito says.


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