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And monotremes – which also include the equally puzzling platypus –are the world's only egg-laying mammals.

An aboriginal myth explains the spines: the echidna came into being, apparently, after hunters threw spears into a wombat. Early scientists, however, were more puzzled by the egg.

It turns out that the echidna is a monotreme, which means "single hole" in Ancient Greek and refers to its bird-like cloaca – a shared orifice for the urinary and excretory tract that is unique to this ancient Australasian order.

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This infant is nourished on milk that seeps out on to the mother's under-fur, monotremes having – you guessed it – no nipples.

And there's more weirdness: a darting tongue that winkles termites from rotten wood; legs that stick out sideways like a lizard's; and a body temperature that can fall to 31C – lethally low for any normal mammal. It is found across Australia, generally in dry, open country with abundant termites.

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