Celibacy while dating

[Read More...]You met him a year ago although it only feels like yesterday!

There was an instant attraction from the beginning and the following week you accepted his invitation for a date. [Read More...]Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Set your mind to achieve the impossible Can you think of a goal that drives you crazy - like totally crazy?

Shutterstock There are a variety of reasons to choose a life—or a period of your life—of celibacy from spiritual, to physical, to addiction problems and religious obligations.

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Photo cred: [email protected] A woman has to know her boundaries before convincing others she is waiting for sex. Some may disagree, but what’s the point of leading him on?

You don’t have to blurt it out in the first convo, if you are attracted to each other, sex is gonna come up in one way or another anyway. And if he doesn’t bring it up, ask him how he feels about sex then mention your own beliefs.

In the beginning, these "friends" enter with open arms and kindness, when in …

[Read More...]Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love I lurve me some me Fall madly in love with yourself everyday puh-lease.

But either way: a man who is outspoken about his contempt for your decision, or a man who just keeps letting his hands wander to places they shouldn’t, is still disrespecting your decision. Shutterstock Do yourselves a favor and avoid close quarters.

Watching a movie in your bed, at night, when your roommate is out of town is just asking for trouble.

We live in a world that places great emphasis on the way we …

[Read More...]Many of us mingle with the wrong types of people and stay in toxic friendships for years, just for the sake of familiarity.

Speak in his language: let him know you are serious by following through with action through the entire dating phase. Keep things old school Texting replaces calling when people want to get straight to the point, that’s why grown boys looove texting, as they can get sex in a few interactions.

When sex is taken off the table, the whole process of ‘getting to know each other’ becomes more sincere, as you are naturally forced to engage in conversation.

He deserves to know why you always say goodnight in the car, or why you refuse to let him see your apartment. Or, if you are staying celibate until marriage, that is something your partner deserves to know so he can decide if that works for him.


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