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In the run-up to Nigeria’s 2015 elections, presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, now president, pledged to defeat the terror group by the end of the year.

Instead, the weekend attack on a village just a few miles from the provincial capital of Maiduguri, home to one of the Nigeria’s biggest army bases, was a sobering indication of the group’s resilience.

K.-based Verisk Maplecroft risk management company. Boko Haram’s return to old tactics proves that defeating them cannot be achieved by military might alone, he says.

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It is based on shared information and communication between elders, teachers and preachers.

Although Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau justifies his actions based on Muslim ideology, Poki says he sees little evidence of religious fervor among his followers.

Before Boko Haram insurgents attacked the northeastern Nigerian village of Dalori on Jan.30, killing at least 86 using tactics that have become wearily familiar, government officials had started to crow that the group’s recent reliance on single target suicide attacks was a sign of weakness and desperation.

Others will just rise in their place.” Buhari has sketched out an ambitious plan to do just that, with proposals to invest in the historically neglected northeast in order to bolster education and employment opportunities, which would go a long way towards denying support for Boko Haram.

S.-based international NGO that focuses on peace building in conflict zones, Boko Haram thrives on a combination of fear and greed.

Poki works with village leaders in the region to develop what he calls an “early warning system” for Boko Haram infiltration.Even though the army garrison is just a few miles from Dalori, residents say that it took at least three hours for the army to mount a response, and another two hours for them to get enough backup to stop the attack entirely.“Not many people trust that the army will help them,” says Poki.In the absence of state development programs, Boko Haram keeps attracting local support and new members — no mean feat for an organization that has made its name abducting women and children, stealing livestock, and setting homes on fire.According to Gideon Poki, a resident of Maiduguri and the local project manager for Search for Common Ground, a U.In March 2005, cannibal killer Peter Bryan was told at the Old Bailey that he would never be released because he was too dangerous.


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