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Megjegyzés: A "jól kialakítottság" koncepciója nagyon közel áll a jelen teljesítési feltétel követelményeihez.

Mindamellett a szintaktikai elemzés szabályai jelölőnyelvenként változhatnak és sok nem-XML alapú nyelv nem határozza meg tisztán a jól kialakítottság követelményeit.

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Because the term "well formed" is only defined in XML, and (because end tags are sometimes optional) valid HTML does not require well formed code, the term is not used in this success criterion., which specifically mentions that the effect specified by the success criterion must be achieved without relying on an assistive technology) authors can meet the success criteria with content that assumes use of an assistive technology (or access features in use agents) by the user, where such assistive technologies (or access features in user agents) exist and are available to the user.

Working Group deems sufficient for meeting this Success Criterion.

4.1.1 Parsing: In content implemented using markup languages, elements have complete start and end tags, elements are nested according to their specifications, elements do not contain duplicate attributes, and any IDs are unique, except where the specifications allow these features.

(Level A) The intent of this Success Criterion is to ensure that user agents, including assistive technologies, can accurately interpret and parse content.

On 12 October 1982, the first GLONASS satellites were placed into orbit, and the experimental work with GLONASS began.

Over this time span, the system was tested, and different aspects were improved, including the satellites themselves.Bár a megfelelőség szempontjából nem számítanak követelménynek, az alábbi technikákat érdemes figyelembe venni a tartalomhoz való hatékonyabb hozzáférés elősegítésére.A felsorolt módszerek/technikák közül nem mindegyik működik vagy hatékony bizonyos helyzetekben.Since repair techniques vary among user agents, authors cannot assume that content will be accurately parsed into a data structure or that it will be rendered correctly by specialized user agents, including assistive technologies, unless the content is created according to the rules defined in the formal grammar for that technology.In markup languages, errors in element and attribute syntax and failure to provide properly nested start/end tags lead to errors that prevent user agents from parsing the content reliably.Although the initial plans pointed to 1991 for a complete operational system, the deployment of the full constellation of satellites has been completed in late 1995, early 1996. Note: GLONASS-40 and -41 were launched with the Etalon-1 satellite.

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